Split Function for Oracle

create type ty_str_split as table of varchar2(100)

create or replace function str_split_as_table (p_str   in varchar2
                                              ,p_delim in varchar2 default ',') 
return ty_str_split pipelined as

  v_tab    ty_str_split;
  v_tab := str_split(p_str,p_delim);
  for i in 1..v_tab.last loop
    pipe row(v_tab(i));
  end loop;

create or replace function str_split  (p_str   in varchar2
                                     ,p_delim in varchar2 default ',') 
return ty_str_split as
  v_str      varchar2(32767);
  v_fields   pls_integer;
  v_substr   varchar2(32767);
  v_return   ty_str_split := ty_str_split();
  v_str := p_delim||trim(p_delim from p_str)||p_delim;
  v_fields := length(v_str) - length(replace(v_str,p_delim,'')) - 1;
  for i in 1..v_fields loop
    v_substr := substr(v_str
                      ,instr(v_str,p_delim,1,i+1) - instr(v_str,p_delim,1,i) -1);
    v_return(i) := v_substr;
  end loop;
  return v_return;

select *
from   table(str_split_as_table('asd,456,trfgh,4567'));

select str_split('asd,456,trfgh,4567') from dual;

2 thoughts on “Split Function for Oracle

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    1. Hey Bet,

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