GrooveControl for Grooveshark – Chrome Extension


At work is really hard keep focused without any disturbing or distraction. There are always someone calling your attention, and often you need to stop what your doing to solve other problems.

In an effort to help focusing on my task, I am frequently listening music which not only amuses me as it reduces the noises in the environment. Grooveshark is my cloud music player but the thing is that it needs its window to be opened in order to play, and sometimes, you have so many windows and so many tabs, that it takes some time till you find your opened Grooveshark window, so you can pause and pay attention to who is calling you.

So, I created a Chrome Extension called GrooveControl, that displays a small and useful player that helps me to know what’s being played, pause, rewind or forward. That’s like 98% of what I usually do on Grooveshark’s window.

The good news for you, dear developer, is that it’s open-sourced. I’ve saved it in a public repository on GitHub. If you ever were curios about how to create a Chrome Extension, check it out, it’s very simple! And if you want to contribute to it, feel free to do so.


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