Pre-built Virtual Machines

VirtualBox emulating Linux and running Oracle

Today I wanted to test a project which connects to an Oracle database but I just didn’t feel like installing Oracle on my machine (I don’t often use it and I formatted my OS recently). Then I remembered have read about the use of Pre-built VMs to test new OS’ and I thought: “Maybe I can find not only a fresh OS installation as well as Oracle already installed and configured”. And… guess what?! I found it!

It’s amazing how fast I had a new Operation System and Oracle up and running on my machine. And the best part is: whenever I think that I don’t need it anymore I can just delete it.

No worries about uninstalls leaving unused files in my machine.

There are many other kinds of pre-build systems around the internet. Don’t waste your time installing everything one by one or installing something in your machine just for testing purposes.